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Preschooler Sleep Packages - Basic

Preschooler Sleep Packages - Basic

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Does this sound like your family?
3-6 Years

  • Your little one is still waking up multiple times throughout the night

  • A cranky preschooler falls apart by dinnertime- if not before

  • Bedtime feels like a curtain call- 1 last bathroom trip, 2 more hugs, 3 more sips of water

  • Your little one becomes extra hyper at bedtime and can’t seem to settle down

  • ​They end up sleeping in your bed for at least for some of the night


  • Them falling asleep independently and sleeping until morning. In their own bed!

  • Your little one taking 1 restorative, predictable nap, or a rest time to recharge

  • Enjoying your evenings while your little one gets the rest they need

  • Having a clear plan and a professional to guide and support you with it

  • ​Seeing results within a week (when plan is followed with 100% consistency)

This plan includes:

Questionnaire and evaluation of your family’s needs

Virtual consultation to review questionnaire and understand your parenting styles and sleep goals

Two weeks of unlimited text and email support + Two phone calls a week + Interactive sleep log

**Buy 1 package for twins

**15% off all packages for siblings- purchase two packages and enter SIBLINGS at check out

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