"Strongly Recommend..."

“Becky was wonderful to work with and we saw an almost immediate improvement in our 8 month old’s sleep. Becky was quickly able to identify the possible reasons for his frequent night wakings, give us practical advice and always made sure to check in and follow up. We never felt judged and Becky understood the need for flexibility. Our little guy is sleeping much better now and we have a clear path forward to improve sleep for everyone. She even provided us with guidance for our 3.5 year old when I mentioned he was going through a transitional phase. I would strongly recommend Becky to anyone who wants to improve their child’s sleep.”

- Sapphire M. (Nash, 8 months old)

"Extremely Communicative and Supportive..."

My husband and I worked with Becky to create a sleep foundation for our daughter when she was between 4-5 months old and were so pleased with the process from start to finish. Becky tailored a sleep training plan that we were comfortable with and that worked for our family. She was extremely communicative and supportive, responding to any questions I had and checking in on us regularly. We were so pleasantly surprised with the fast results. Bedtime used to be such an ordeal and took up a lot of our evening, but now we can put our daughter in her bed awake and she is able to put herself to sleep, not to mention sleep through the night! We are so much more confident with sleep and feel like we now have the tools to handle any sleep issues in the coming months. Thank you Becky for all of your support and for helping us give our daughter the great sleep she deserves!-

- Michelle & Raffi

"Supportive & Encouraging..."

We decided to sleep train our 2-year old earlier this year. We worked with Becky who helped us come up with a plan that was a gentler method of sleep training. Though we worked with a time difference, Becky was always responsive and would give us suggestions to troubleshoot situations. Becky was very supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process which was very much appreciated as was emotionally draining at times.

At the end of 2 weeks, our son was able to sleep in his own room and would sleep through the night. This allowed us to have better quality of sleep!

- Sashikala

We Saw So Much Improvement..."

Working with Becky allowed us to navigate naps and bedtimes in a way that is much more sustainable for our family. She was able to tell from the first few days what our son needed in order to help him sleep better. We saw so much improvement in his ability to fall asleep and connect sleep cycles on his own. She was very responsive and supportive through challenging days despite a 3 hour time zone difference and we feel more confident going forward with the tools she has given us.

- Sonia M.

"Checked In Regularily..."

Becky was extremely communicative and supportive. She checked in regularly and helped tailor a
sleep plan that worked for our family. We are so happy with the result and feel that we now have a solid sleep foundation to work off of as our baby gets older.

-Mary E.

"Wonderful Resource..."

Becky has been a wonderful resource for our family with all things sleep related. She is attentive and always follows up with us to check on progress. We consider Becky to be an invaluable member of our son’s sleep team!
- Maddie Q-S

"We Are So Grateful for Becky..."

Becky was so good about educating us and creating a program that would work for our family. I knew after many sleepless nights I needed some guidance. Becky held us accountable to our plan and answered any questions or concerns had through out the way. We are so glad we stuck with it and have a truly rested happy baby! We are so grateful for Becky and her "magic" touch!
- Shabreen S.

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